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2 Services Your Central AC System May Need If It Is Blowing Hot Air

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Central air conditioning is a standard system found in many homes, and its purpose is to cool off a house during the summer. When you turn your central AC on, cold air should soon begin blowing out of your register vents. If the air that is coming out is not cold, your system might be low on Freon, or the Freon might need to be replaced. A repair technician could determine what is preventing the system from cooling off your house, and here are two of the most common services that may need to be completed to fix the problem.

It May Need A Recharge

A central AC system is a closed system, meaning that the Freon in it stays in it, and the system just keeps using the same Freon over and over. Eventually, Freon can get dirty and can lose its ability to cool off air. This commonly happens when contaminants leak into a system, but it can also occur from age.

A technician can determine if this is the case by inspecting the system. If they believe this is the problem, they will suggest recharging the system. Central AC systems do not need to be recharged yearly, but they may need to have this completed every few years. Recharging a system generally means that they will remove all of the old Freon and will replace it with new, clean Freon. This is not a process you should attempt doing yourself because Freon is a harmful gas that must be contained.

When the process of recharging a system is complete, you may notice a huge difference in the way your house cools off. It may cool off a lot faster because the air produced will be colder than it used to be.

There May Be A Leak

In some cases, recharging a system is not the only step needed. There are also times when recharging a system is not even a necessary step in fixing the central AC system. When recharging a system is not necessary, it is likely that the system has a Freon leak somewhere in it. If there is a leak present, recharging the system would not help because the Freon would continue to leak out.

When there is a leak in the system, the system will not have enough Freon to use to cool off the air inside your home, and this could explain why your system is blowing hot air instead of cold. There are several ways to locate leaks in systems, including these two methods:

  1. Electronic detection – There are tools used to locate Freon leaks, including an electronic sniffer. This is a good method to use when you think you know where the leak is coming from. The plumber can place the tool near the suspicious area, and the device will light up if it senses Freon.
  2. Tracer dye method – When the leak is hard to find, a plumber may suggest adding dye to the system to find the leak. Once the dye is placed in the system, the plumber may wait for one or two weeks to locate the problem. If there is a leak, the colored dye will be easy to spot by looking at all the components of the system.

When the leak is found, the parts can be fixed, and the system can be recharged. Once this is done, your system should work great.

If you would like further assistance with the problems your AC system has, call a specialist like Redlands Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning today. You can then schedule an appointment to have the company come to your home to inspect your system.