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Going Beyond The Snake: Professional Methods For Clearing Out Clogged Kitchen Sink Drains

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There are many types of items that can go down a sink on a daily basis. This includes drinks, food particles, oils, and fats. While most of these items can easily make their way through your drain, some items may linger a little longer. These lingering items can start a pattern that builds up to an eventual clog and multiple sink problems. When a clog does occur, one of the more basic plumbing services that is offered is a pipe snaking. While professional pipe snaking can temporarily get rid of a problem, you may need more advanced techniques to fully eradicate problems and prevent them from returning again. These advanced plumbing techniques can help drains work properly and eliminate additional problems like foul drain odors.

High-Pressure Water Jets

Some clogs are more stubborn than others. When oils and fats harden, they can stick to the side of pipes like glue. A plumbing snake may chip away or clear out a path for water draining, but it may not get all of the particles off the side of the pipes. The best way to help with this is by hiring a plumber to use high-pressure water jets for your sink areas. The water jets make their way through your pipes and use high-pressure elements to knock away particles and clear out the drainage areas. The jets can be fed down deep into kitchen sink drains and work on clearing out a majority of the pipe.

If you've smelled an odor coming from your sink, then a high-pressure water jet is one of the best ways to help get rid of it. Once the jetting process is complete, your drainage pipes will be clean and clear. To help prevent future clogs, you should avoid putting fats and oils down the drain. A good drain cover should block out any food or particles that typically make their way into the drainage system.

Video Inspections

Even after a snake is used to clear out a clog, you may notice additional drainage problems. This includes slow draining or strange noises when water is going through the pipes. To help pinpoint an exact location of the problem, a plumbing professional can use video inspection equipment. Also known as a fiberscope camera, the device comes with many features to help determine the exact cause and location of the problem. The camera will either feature small video lights or night vision to properly see through the pipes. As the camera is being fed down into the pipes, the plumber can view the footage and see the length that the camera has already traveled. This technology can help determine the exact location of the problem.

Once the video camera reaches the troublesome area, a plumber can determine the exact cause. For example, a camera can showcase if a chicken bone has been lodged inside of a pipe. They can also inspect for any corroded or damaged piping. By using this technology, plumbers can eliminate the guess work and find solutions to your kitchen drain problems.

Main Sewer Line Cleaning

Sometimes your kitchen sink drainage issues may go beyond the drainage lines from the sink. If the problem is not solved through jetting and video inspections, a plumber may need to inspect and clean your main sewer line. The main sewer line is connected to all of the drainage pipes in the house. If a kitchen drain clog expands into the main sewer line, then all of your drainage points can be impacted and cause potential flooding issues.

To help clear out the sewer line, a larger water jet may be used. These jets can clear out hair, debris, and paper products that have gotten stuck in the pipes. By clearing out the main line, the rest of the home's pipes can drain with ease.

Contact a plumber for pricing estimates on the various services. If your sink drains are flooding or not draining, then you should stop water use and contact an emergency plumbing service, like Two Men And A Snake.