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Sink Draining Issues: Repairs To Help Improve Your Dish Washing Experience

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Washing dishes is all about getting your plates, cups, and silverware sparkling clean, but the whole process can be a huge pain if you find yourself dealing with sink issues. As you wash dishes, you may find that the sink is not draining fast enough or not at all. However, using liquid drain cleaners to clear the drain can actually cause more problems and introduce harmful chemicals to your home. If you want to help clean your home the proper way, then you should contact a professional plumber for sink repairs.

There are multiple problems that can be the cause of sink draining issues. Being able to identify these problems and find a proper solution can make a huge different for your kitchen sink.

Gurgling Drains

One of the earliest signs of a sink drainage issue is hearing gurgling water as it drains down your pipes. This means that the water doesn't have a clear path to make it through all of the pipes properly. There may be debris, food, or a clog that the water is having trouble getting past. If this is the case, then a plumber can use a piping snake to help remove the clog and clear out the drain. A piping snake can be used to help remove stubborn food debris, hair build-up, and other particles from the drain. Plumbers have piping snakes that can go several feet into the pipes. This ensures that the whole pipe is properly cleared out for your home. After the snake is used, the water can be tested to ensure that it flows through properly. If there is still a problem, the plumber can troubleshoot more solutions.

Grease Build-Up

In the kitchen, another common problem found in pipe drains is grease build-up. Grease and fat can quickly dry when it is poured down the drains. Once dry, it will stick to the sides of your drainage pipes and become extremely hard to move. Over time, the grease and fat will act as a trap for debris and additional grease. When this occurs, the pipes will become more clogged. You may notice that water drains extremely slowly, if at all. If this is the case, then a plumber will need to clear out the whole pipe to help get rid of the stuck grease and fat. Creating a small opening is not enough to fix your problem. It will just happen again unless the whole pipe is cleared out.

One of the best ways that a plumber can help with this problem is with water jet cleaning. A high-powered water jet cleaner is sent down the drain. The high-pressured water can help remove the fat and grease off the pipes and send it into a septic tank. A water jet can extend several feet through the pipes to ensure that they are cleaned and completely cleared out. This will help eliminate all of the drain issues that you are experiencing.

Lodged Objects

Sometimes lodged objects can be the main source of a plumbing issue. Pieces of dishes, toothpicks, jewelry, or other small objects can easily fall down the drain. If these objects are lodged in tightly, then a typical solution may not help. In this case, a plumber may use a pipe inspection camera to detect if there are any problems. A small camera is inserted into the drain pipes and a plumber can get a clear view of the pipe area. Once they locate where the clog is, they can proceed by actually undoing the pipes and retrieving the items as needed. This is the best way to find the exact location and fix the issues.

It's best not to ignore any drainage issues you may have. If they get a lot worse, it can cause major problems in the future.