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A Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Plumbing

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Spring cleaning is really about maintaining and checking every part of your home to make sure that it is in order. Here is a list of things that you should check and do to ensure that your plumbing system is all in order.

#1 Check Under The Sink

The first thing you should do is check under each of the sinks in your house to ensure that no water is leaking from any of your plumbing pipes or connections. It can be easy to miss a slow leak, especially if you don't open up those cupboards that often.

If you have easy access to where the rest of your plumbing lines are located, such as in your basement, check the length of the line as well for wet spots.

If you find a leak, put epoxy on the leak to stop it and then cover the area with rubber. Check back in a week to ensure the leak has stopped and if it hasn't, call in a plumber for back-up assistance.

#2 Check Toilet For Leaks

Sometimes, your toilet can leak water without you even realizing it. Take some food coloring and put enough drops in for the water in your toilet tank to change colors. Then, walk away and come back in about a half hour and see if the colored water from the toilet tank has made its way to the bowl. If it has, your toilet tank is leaking water into the toilet bowl. You may need to fix the supply line or the ball-cock assembly.

#3 Clean All Drains

Next, take some time to clean all of your drains. If you have a strainer in your drains, remove it and make clean out the hair and debris that gets into the strainer. If you don't have a strainer for all of your drains, purchase one to keep large debris and hair from getting into your drains.

#4 Clean All Of Your Pipes

It is a good idea, at least once a year, to clean your pipes. Food, hair, soap, and other debris build up in your pipes over time. This debris can clog your pipes if it is not dealt with in a timely manner. To ensure that no debris is building up in your pipes, put a bottle of drain cleaner down each of your sinks and drains in your house. Allow the cleaning product to sit in the drain for the appropriate amount of time, then flush the drain with water.

You don't want to do this too often, as overuse of drain cleaning products can actually damage your pipes. However, cleaning your pipes with a drain cleaning product on a yearly basis is a great way to ensure that your pipes never get clogged or backed up. 

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