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Four Water Treatment Systems For Your Home Well

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If you get your drinking water from a well, you likely already know the importance of having the water tested and the well inspected annually. And while even if the water tests safe, the taste isn't always the greatest. This leads many people to spend money buying their drinking water rather than dealing with the metallic or earthy taste that some well water provides. Instead of purchasing water, why not consider one of the many water treatment options available to homeowners instead?

Water Softener System

This system for making well water more palatable as well as saving wearing and tear on your appliances and mechanical equipment is one of the most popular water treatment options. Most well water has a high concentration of minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and iron. This kind of water is referred to as hard water. These minerals are dissolved, so you won't see anything in the water itself, but you will see the scaly deposits they leave behind on your faucets and cooking pans, and these same mineral deposits will also eventually wreak havoc on your washing machine and water heater. These can also make your water taste funny. A water softener system removes or neutralizes these minerals, making the water better suited for both your drinking and cooking needs as well as household use.

Granulated Activated Carbon Filtration Systems

Activated carbon has been used to help purify water for a long time. In addition to removing odors, such as sulfur, carbon filtration systems can filter out lead, arsenic, iron, chlorine, and any other potentially dangerous chemicals that you may have in your well water. The result is better tasting, safer water.

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems

These systems work best to remove solid sediment that may be in your well water. They can be used at the point where you are using water, such as the kitchen faucet, or they can be used at the source. Small systems are snapped onto your faucet, and the water is cycled through the mesh filters before it comes out of the tap. Larger filters are used outside to filter all of the water before it even comes into the house.

Ultraviolet Water Systems

If your water has tested positive for bacteria in the past, an ultraviolet light can be used to kill some types of bacteria and make your water safe to drink again. Consult a qualified plumber from a company like Water Tec to discuss which water filtration system would work best for your needs.