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Key Tips For Detecting Early Pipe Damage (So You Don't Have To Dread An Expensive And Damaging Leak)

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If you have ever had the great displeasure of discovering that a pipe has been leaking for a while and the resulting damage is quite extensive, you need to now what to watch for now and in the future of minor issues that can lead to that issue in the future. For instance, wearing around the joints, rust manifesting without a discernible cause and impaired water pressure have all been known to indicate wear to a pipe. Therefore, as a responsible homeowner who wants to avoid any unnecessarily costly repairs, it's best for you to be aware of the information shared below.

Know When And What To Watch For

It's important to note that the lifespan of your pipes is significant, in that PVC can last indefinitely and cast iron can last 75 years or longer. In addition, brass has been known to survive in an intact and usable condition for 70 or more years. However, since everything wears out, it's going to be useful to know what to watch for when that degradation does start to occur, as discussed later.

Since you know how long you can expect the pipes within your home to last, assuming that they have been safely used and appropriately maintained during their existence, the inspection of an experienced plumber on an annual basis can help you to detect any unfortunate changes to the plumbing that you could literally be paying for at some time.   

Keep An Eye Out For Unexpected, Abnormal or New Wear To The Joints Of Your Pipes 

The first thing to assess is any wear around the joints or if that wear is in one area more than one another. That excess wear can indicate standing water that is putting unnecessary pressure on the unit. Another aspect that can be concerning is reduced water pressure, as it could be indicative of damage within one or more of the pipes. Gurgling sounds that might sound like air in the pipes can also indicate it's time to speak with a plumber, as that phenomenon has been associated with impaired sewer pipes which can then lead to regurgitated waste throughout the home.       

A distortion of the area around a pipe can also be a problem and any new odor is also reason for concern. If you are in doubt, it's best to speak with a professional ,

In conclusion, leaky pipes can become very expensive, very quickly and delaying that work can be disastrous on many levels. As a result, it is a good idea to watch for the above signs of early damage or wear to the existing pipe.