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Why Do You Have A Cold Or Lukewarm Shower?

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There are various issues that may be contributing to the problem of lukewarm or cold showers. Your hot water heater may be failing to produce enough hot water for your family's needs, or your shower may be located at the farthest area of your home from the water heater.

You can usually determine the source of the problem by focusing on the timing of the hot water problem during your shower experience.

No Hot Water at the Start of Your Shower

You may need to wait a long time for the water to turn from cold to hot but enjoy a sufficient supply of hot water for your shower after the transition. This problem usually occurs in areas of the home that are far away from the water heater.

The water inside the supply pipes turns cold over time, so you must wait until all of the cold water is flushed out of the pipes and down the drain before hot water can reach the shower. This wastes both your time and money.

You can solve this problem by installing a hot water recirculating system, which is a closed loop of pipe from your water heater to the individual hot water components in the home. There are two basic types of recirculating systems. One type pumps hot water from the top of the water heater in a continuous flow through the circulating loop.

Another type of system relies on a sensor placed at the farthest component in the home. A pump located at the bottom of the water heater is activated when the sensor detects a lower water temperature in the supply line. The pump pulls the cold water from the pipes and into the water heater. This draws hot water into the entire supply line.

No Hot Water in the Middle of Your Shower

This is probably the more frustrating issue because you must either finish your shower with cold water or try again when the hot water returns. This is usually the result of either a failing hot water heater or an increase in the number of occupants in the home using the hot water supply.

You may choose to have an instant hot water heater installed in your bathroom if your main heater is basically sound. This type of water heater provides hot water on demand and is useful is situations where supply issues are focused on a specific area of the home.

You may also elect to have your entire home water heater tank replaced with an instant water heater. Instant hot water heater supply an unlimited amount of instant hot water and are cost efficient because they don't require energy to keep stored water hot. 

Choosing a whole house tankless heater and a hot water recirculating system will allow you to have an endless supply of truly instant hot water for your shower. For more tips and information, contact a local water heater installation company.