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How To Troubleshoot Your Sump Pump

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Sump pumps are a great appliance that can keep a basement dry. However, a sump pump that stops working could be quite problematic. Before you rush to contact a local plumber about a broken sump pump, here are some ways to try troubleshooting it.

Verify If The Float Can Move

One of the key components of a sump pump is the float. The float is the ball that rests in the pit and floats upward when the pit's water level rises. When that float reaches a specified height, it physically triggers a switch that will activate your sump pump to drain out the water.

A common problem with a sump pump is that this float can become stuck. Since it is required to physically activate a switch that turns the pump on, you should start by checking to ensure the float is working.

It's possible that the float has a hole in it and has filled up with water. If this happens, the float will no longer rest on the top of the water and hit the switch at the right time. Take a look in the sump pump pit to see if you notice the float at the top or if it is at the bottom. If it's not floating, the problem may be as simple as fixing the float ball.

Another issue can be that debris has gotten in the way to prevent the float from moving. Test the arm on the float, and make sure that it can freely move up and down along with the water levels. If not, clear whatever is stopping the movement.

Clean The Impeller

A sump pump uses an impeller, which is a device that pushes the water upwards through a discharge pipe to get it out of the pit. You may have a pump that is turning on when the float activates the switch, but the impeller is not moving.

It is possible that the impeller has debris stuck around it, which is preventing the part from moving fast enough to force the water out. You can try cleaning the impeller on your own to clear out debris. Sediment can be small enough to enter a sump pump water pit and block the impeller from turning if it collects in the right place.

If these tips don't help fix your sump pump, reach out to a local plumber for assistance in fixing the sump pump for you.

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