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Installing A New Faucet: Everything You Need To Know

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A new faucet can change the look of your bathroom or kitchen. A new faucet may be necessary as your old one broke, or you may just want to update your room with new hardware. A new faucet can be a simple installation if you're handy with tools. Read on for everything you need to know to install a new faucet.

Replace The Faucet With The Same Type

There are a number of faucets to choose from at your local hardware store, but not all of those faucets are going to work for your. You have to replace your faucet with one the is the same type, meaning you need to count the number of holes in your sink and replace it with a faucet that has the same amount. The only exception is if you are replacing your sink in addition to your faucet.

Replace The Piping

While you are replacing your faucet, it's a good time to inspect the plumbing below your sink. If the piping is in bad shape, it's a good time to replace this plumbing so you don't have an issues later down the road. Replace it while you have everything already apart. Take your plumbing pipes with you so you know exactly what parts you need, and replace the old plumbing with PVC pipe, which will hold up well over time.

Use All Of The New Parts

Don't attempt to put your faucet together with old parts from your old faucet. Replace it using all of the new parts that came in the box with your faucet. Use all of the new screws, washers, and other parts. Don't forget to replace the drain stop as well (if your faucet came with one). This pulls the entire look together. Caulk around the drain stop to prevent leaks.

Use A Razor Blade

If you had caulking around the old faucet, or there is grime on the sink where the faucet used to be, use a razor blade to scrape off this grime and caulk for a clean look after you have installed the new faucet. You can try to scrub off this grime, but the razor blade is usually more effective. Be careful with the razor so as to not scratch your sink. Hold the razor parallel to the sink and scrape it at an angle.

If you are installing a faucet, be sure to do the work properly and take all of the steps needed to ensure the faucet works properly. Hire a professional plumber to do this work for you if you are not able to get the job done.