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3 Maintenance Tips To Avoid Problems And Costly Repairs With Septic Systems

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Your septic system is a component of your plumbing that needs maintenance to ensure you do not have problems that lead to costly repairs. There is maintenance and improvements that you can do to prevent problems with your septic system that lead to costly repairs. Here are some maintenance tips that will help ensure your septic system does not have costly problems:

1. Keeping Trash Out of the Tank to Prevent Damage to the Septic System

There is a lot of trash that goes into septic systems, which should not be there. Anything that is not sewer waste or materials that break down in the tank should not be flushed down the toilet or washed down the drain. In addition, chemicals like cleaning and personal hygiene products can also cause damage to the tank because they kill the bacteria that breaks down the waste. Watch what goes into your septic tank to ensure that it does not have problems due to solids not breaking down inside the tank.

2. Routine Pumping and Inspection to Ensure the Septic System Functions Properly

The tank of your septic system is eventually going to become full of solid waste, which needs to be removed and disposed of before problems start. Have your septic system serviced every few years to avoid problems, which should include pumping the tank and inspecting the system for problems. If there are any minor problems that are found while having the septic system serviced, have them repaired to ensure you do not have any problems.

3. Preventing Failure With Alarms, Secondary Tanks and Drain Field Improvements

With older septic systems, there are a lot of problems that come from wear and outdated designs. Improvements may be a cost-effective solution to update your system. Consider installing a liner for an old concrete tank and an overfill alarm to alert you when there is a problem. In addition, you may want to consider updating the drain field and installing a secondary pump tank to distribute the waste fluids efficiently to the drain field. A septic system repair service can help with these improvements to your septic system to ensure that it is up to date and working properly.

These are some maintenance tips to help ensure your septic system is working properly and you do not need to have costly repairs done to it or the plumbing in your home. If you need help with routine maintenance or improvements, contact a septic service like All County Rooter LLC to ensure your septic system is working as it should.