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Wedding Ring Fall Down The Drain? Know What To Do

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Did you take your wedding ring off to wash dishes or prepare a meal, and then accidentally knock it down the drain? If so, your first instinct may be to panic about potentially losing it forever. That is not always the case, however, since there is still a possibility that you can retrieve it. Here are some things you should do to try to get it back.

Stop Using the Water Immediately

The first thing you'll want to do when you realize the ring went down the drain is to stop using the water in your home. Running the water can push a ring further down the drain and into a place where you can't get it back.

If your sink is filled with water from doing the dishes, put a plug in the drain immediately. You'll want to scoop out the remaining water and get rid of it elsewhere, ideally by just tossing it outside, so that it doesn't go down the drain.

Open the P-Trap

Your sink will have a p-trap underneath it, which is designed to trap water inside it so that sewer gases do not go into your home. Thankfully, this trap is easy to remove and can be a place where your wedding ring is stuck. If the ring fell to the bottom of the trap, there may not have been enough force to push the ring upward and into the sewer.

Get out a bucket and some wrenches, and be prepared to make a bit of a mess. Place the bucket underneath the p-trap, unscrew the nuts that connect the p-trap to your plumbing, and get ready for all the water to fall out into the bucket. Hopefully, your wedding ring is in the trap and falls into the bucket with the water. If not, you'll need to take some additional steps to get it back.

Hire a Plumber

A ring that has made its way past the p-trap is not always lost. Hire a plumber so that they can take a closer look. They have professional tools, such as a camera, that can be put down the drain to see if the ring is stuck inside.

If they see it, they can use a retrieval tool to grab the ring and get it back. Using plumbing services is not a guarantee that they will find the ring, but they are the best shot you have of retrieving it.