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Things Your Kids Try To Flush, And How A Plumber Retrieves These Flushed Items

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Every family has one: that one kid that discovers the magic of flushing objects in the toilet. He or she loves throwing objects in, watching them swirl around, and then watching the objects disappear through that hole at the bottom. Meanwhile, waste gets stuck and toilets will not flush and toilet bowls overflow. Here is how your plumber will handle it.

Auger It

The item your kid flushed may not come back up the same way it went in, but there is no doubt that said item has to come out. Waste is impacted and the item prevents your toilet from working properly. An auger's coiling head can grab the item and pull it out while simultaneously grinding toilet paper and solid waste into a liquid mess that will get past the trapped object.

Reaching in to Grab It

If the end of the item is visible in the hole in the bottom of the toilet, the plumber will reach in and grab it and pull it out. Most hard objects are easy to retrieve after the auger has pulled them up from the trap in the base of your toilet. 

Objects kids have been known to throw in toilets and plumbers have pulled out include:

  • Toothbrushes
  • Spoons and forks, both plastic and metal (knives are too long and will not go down)
  • Plastic and metal toy cars
  • Small rubber ducks
  • Cloth items such as bandanas and headscarves 
  • Diapers for themselves or dollies

The list is rather long. Just ask your plumber what the weirdest thing stuck in a toilet was, and he/she will tell you.

Removing the Toilet to Grab from Underneath

If it is too far down in the trap to pull out, your plumber may remove the base of the toilet from the floor. Then he/she will take the base outside onto your lawn, turn it upside down to get to the opposite end of the trap and try to grab and pull the item out that way. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. If your plumber still cannot remove the flushed item, there is only one solution left.

The Final Solution

The last solution involves throwing out the toilet and replacing it with a new one. Since he/she cannot pull the trapped item free, smashing the base is all that is left, but you would be without a toilet. Ergo, replacing your toilet is the final solution.

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