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Three Things To Look For When Renting Portable Toilets For An Outdoor Event

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When planning an outdoor event, it's important to consider the personal needs of your guests. This includes renting portable toilet facilities. If you've never rented portable toilets before, here are some of the things to look for before you sign a contract.

Availability Of Restroom Attendants

Portable toilets require attendants to keep the facilities clean throughout the event. The attendants are typically responsible for ensuring an ample supply of toilet paper and for keeping the floors and seats clean. If you are renting restroom trailers, the attendants will also keep soap and towels stocked. You may even be able to request attendants inside restroom trailers to tend to the needs of guests, such as offering them hand towels and mints. If your rental company does not offer attendants, ask what steps are taken to ensure the cleanliness of the toilets during your event.

Options For Hand Washing

Hygiene is essential for keeping guests comfortable, and that means providing a way for attendees at your event to wash their hands after using the facilities. Portable restroom trailers typically include sinks with running water, which can be used to wash up. However, if you are selecting traditional portable toilets, adding separate hand washing stations may be an appropriate option. Choose a toilet rental company that offers hand washing stations or comparable options to help guests feel more comfortable. You may also want to ask about hand sanitizer stations for your event as well.


Depending on how long your outdoor event lasts, you may also need to inquire about maintenance. For music festivals that last several days, the facilities will need to be emptied out or replaced. Make sure there is a plan in place for this before you sign a contract. Your rental company can help you determine the number of toilets you need and the frequency with which they need to be emptied or switched out based on your projected attendance numbers. For shorter events, such as weddings or company picnics, you'll simply want to make sure that the facilities are well-stocked and clean.

Once you've established what services and equipment the company can provide, you can begin to make more detailed arrangements. For example, you and a representative from the rental company can map out where toilets should be placed and how many should be added to each area of your event. With the right planning and the right facilities, you can ensure the comfort of all people attending your outdoor event.