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Missing A Gas Line? Reasons Why Your Property May Not Have One And How To Get It

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If you live in any city in America, there is a very good chance that you have a gas line. The gas line is almost always natural gas, and nearly every city home has one because cities run gas lines underground to every street and every property. There are only some exceptions to this rule, and it is very rare for homes not to have a gas line. Here are some reasons why your home or commercial property does not have a gas line, and how to get one if you want it.

The Property Did Not Exist When City Gas Lines Were Installed

Considering that many properties within city limits received gas services at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries, for your property not to have a gas line means that it was not within city limits, or it was not a fully functional property for residential or commercial use at that time. It may also have been a vacant lot for decades and during the city's last utilities upgrades. After the building on the property was constructed, the original owners may have decided to do everything on electrical power and nothing on gas. That said, you would not have a gas line coming into this house or business building.

Previous Owners/Developers Refused the Gas Line Installation

As previously mentioned, it is possible that previous owners and land developers decided to opt-out of having a gas line installed in this property as they were building on it. Everything, from the stove to the water heater to the furnace, all ran on electricity, which is why a gas line was not needed. As the latest owner, you may decide to convert to a gas stove, a gas water heater, and/or a gas furnace, in which case, removing the electrically-powered appliance and installing a gas line is necessary. 

How to Get the Gas Line

First and foremost, you have to contact the city because whichever company installs the gas line into the house and connects it to a number of appliances has to have permission from the city to connect the home/building line to the city gas line. Then a plumber has to come to the property to install numerous gas conduits and install the lines inside the building that run to all of the appliances that require a gas line. The whole process may take about a week in a home or building that is already built.

Contact a gas line installation service for more information.