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What It Means If The Base Of Your Toilet Is Leaking

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The base of the toilet should never leak, so it can be quite disconcerting to notice that a small puddle is forming around the toilet. Unfortunately, this problem will happen to many people as their toilet and bathrooms start to age. The good news is that it's something a plumber can easily take care of for you. Here are some of the potential causes of this problem.

Loose Toilet

One of the leading causes of this problem is that the toilet has simply become loose. You'll likely notice if this is the case, as the toilet may start to shift around on its own when you're using it or standing up from using it. This can cause water to start leaking when the toilet is flushed, in particular.

With a loose toilet, your plumber will need to tighten down the bolts that secure the toilet to the floor. With this done, your problem may be resolved just like that.

Broken Seal

Alternatively, it's possible that a weakening or broken seal is to blame for your toilet's leakage. You see, there's a wax seal that's built into the base of most toilets. This does exactly what you think that it might - it keeps water on the inside and prevents it from leaking. However, as the years go by, this seal can become weaker and can start to develop small holes that allow fluid to get out.

This is also a common problem after a toilet has been sliding around due to loose bolts, so your plumber may want you to have the seal replaced even if it's currently intact.

What Your Plumber Will Do

If the wax seal on the toilet needs replacing, your plumber will be able to do that for you. It's something you should definitely have a plumber do, as it's a bit time and labor-intensive.

The first thing your plumber will need to do is to turn off the water to the toilet. The water shut-off may be underneath your toilet or in the crawlspace or basement if you have one. Once the water is off, they can start the process of repairing the toilet.

Once the water is off, they'll remove the toilet completely from the floor so that they can remove the damaged or broken seal. Once it's out of the way, a new seal and gasket will be laid down to take its place. Then the toilet is mounted back over the seal, and everything is reinstalled and the water turned back on.

That's it. With this process complete, you can avoid significant damage to your bathroom's flooring with a fix that any plumber can perform easily. Contact a local company like Assured Plumbing & Heating for help with this repair.