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4 Plumbing Tips For Spring

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April showers bring May flowers! Hopefully, April, or spring in general, does not also bring you plumbing trouble. You can help decrease your chances of a plumbing issue by taking a few preventative, plumbing care steps this springtime. With spring cleaning on your mind, it's the perfect time to tackle these tasks.

1. Check your outdoor spigot before turning it back on.

Hopefully, you turned off the water to your outdoor spigot for the winter to keep water from freezing inside of it and causing the metal pipe to crack. If you forget, then you will just need to be extra vigilant as you look over the spigot for any signs of cracks, wear, and tear before turning it back on. If you do notice damage, have the plumber come to replace the spigot before turning the water back on. This is easier than having it spew water everywhere and flood your yard.

2. Dump some baking soda and vinegar down your drains.

Baking soda and vinegar foam up to loosen soap scum and other grime that might be lining your drains. Getting rid of it at this stage can keep your sinks from clogging. About a cup of each product is enough; let it foam up for a half-hour before you rinse it down with boiling water, which should melt any remaining greasy residue or soap.

3. Check the water main valve.

You made it through winter without a plumbing leak, and hopefully, you make it through spring, too. But you can never be certain! Take a minute to make sure your water main valve still turns freely so that if you do spring a leak, you can turn the valve off readily. If the valve does seem tight, you can apply a little penetrating oil, wait a few minutes, and then open and close it a few times to loosen it.

4. Get the disposal ready.

Summer barbecues will be just around the corner, and you'll probably be doing a lot of food prep. You need to make sure your garbage disposal is up for the task. Grind up some ice to clean it. If it seems to be dull or you notice any lingering odors, you can arrange to have your plumber come sharpen the grinding mechanism and perform more in-depth maintenance.

With these spring plumbing tasks complete, your home will be set to go for the water weather. Speak with a plumbing professional for more information.