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3 High-Tech Services Most Plumbers Now Offer

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For years, plumbing was a rather low-tech industry. Other than saws to cut pipes, plumbers didn't use a lot of technology. That has slowly changed. Ten years ago, some plumbing companies started testing some more high-tech solutions and instruments. However, now most plumbers are embracing and using technology. Here are three higher-tech services most plumbers now offer.

1. Hydro Jetting

Plumbers have traditionally used plumber's snakes to pull grime and clogs out of drains. However, plumber's snakes can only reach so far, and they don't always grab all of the grime. They leave behind some grease and soap residue, which puts you at risk for the clog reforming. These days, plumbers have begun using a more high-tech solution for clogged drains.

A piece of equipment called a hydro jet shoots a high-powered stream of water into the drain. This water breaks up anything causing a clog and sends it down into the sewer. Hydro jets clear all the residue off the inside of pipes, so clogs do not reform as quickly. Plumbers also do not need to dispose of the grime they remove and worry about making a mess since the hydro jet shoots it all down the drain.

2. Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography involves using an instrument to measure the heat coming off of various structures. This heat generates an image. Different colors show up where the temperatures are different. Plumbers can use infrared thermography to detect leaks behind walls and under floors. If a certain area shows up warmer or cooler than the surrounding area, then there is likely a leak. This technology enables plumbers to detect leaks that would have otherwise gone unnoticed until they got a lot worse.

3. Video Cameras

There are now cameras that are safe to use in wet areas, and which your plumber can put down a drain to see what's going on. The camera basically generates a video segment, which you can watch alongside your plumber. This is a great way to detect issues like tree roots growing into a sewer line, a collapsed water main, leaks in the water main, and so forth. It keeps your plumber from digging up a pipe unnecessarily and gives you a clearer idea of what is going on with your pipes.

Plumbers have embraced technology, and it is all for the better. To learn more about these techniques and tools, contact a local plumbing contractor.