Making Wise Plumbing Decisions

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Troubleshooting The Cause Of Hot Water Loss

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When your morning shower goes from a soothing, warm start for the day to a shockingly cold experience, there’s a good chance that your water heater is malfunctioning. There are several potential problems that can cause you to lose hot water, and you may even be able to fix some of them yourself. Here are a few things you can check to try to bring back the heat. Is The Pilot Light Still Burning? Read More»

PVC Pipe Leak Repair And Replacement Mistakes To Avoid

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If you have PVC pipes in your home that carry water to your sinks and other plumbing fixtures, then you may notice a few common issues with the pipes. A leak in one of the lines is a fairly common issue. Unfortunately, PVC leaks cannot always be fixed in the same manner as copper pipes. If you try to use some of the same repair methods, then you will make some mistakes that can lead to more pronounced issues in your home. Read More»

Why Home Buyers Should Have A Sewer Inspection First

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Before purchasing a home, inspections are a must. But one thing potential home buyers often leave out is sewer inspection. What many home owners and buyers don’t know is that you’re responsible for the sewer line that goes from your property to the city main. If it gets clogged or encounters problems, it’s your responsibility to fix it, not the city. If you’re looking at potential homes, include a sewer inspection; otherwise you may end up with unexpected additional costs. Read More»