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Drain Cleaning: Local Vs. Main Drain Clogs

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Clogged drains are no picnic, but the severity depends on the type of clog. Local clogs affect only one drain, while main clogs can affect your entire home. Signs of a Local Clog A local clog usually won’t have much effect outside of the specific drain affected. You shouldn’t experience multiple clogs at the same time. If you do, they will tend to be in a shared “zone.” For example, the bathtub drain and sink drain will both back up or drain slowly, but the kitchen drains on the other side of the home will work perfectly fine. Read More»

Why Foundation Repair Is Worth The Cost

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Anytime that your home needs repairs, one of the first things that you might ask yourself is whether or not the repairs are worth the cost. In many cases, you probably find that the answer is yes. However, there might also be times when you find that you don’t actually want or need to spend the money on the repairs, such as if they aren’t really essential. If you are asking yourself this about foundation repair, then you should know that you will almost certainly find that foundation repair is worth the cost. Read More»

Why You Should Hire A Clogged Drain Service Instead Of Trying To Deal With A Drain Clog Yourself

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If you have one or more clogged drains in your home, you might be ready to try to tackle the problem on your own. After all, you might assume that the drain clog will be pretty easy to deal with. However, hiring a clogged drain service is probably going to be the best decision for these reasons and more. You Might Not Have the Right Equipment to Deal With Clogs on Your Own Read More»

How To Determine A Drain Clog Location

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A clogged drain will cause sewage and water backups in your home, which in turn can lead to major biological hazards and water damage. It’s important to locate a clog quickly so that the drain can be cleaned out and repaired. Single Fixture Examples of a single-affected fixture include toilet backups or single sinks that are slow to drain.  When only one fixture is affected, you can rest assured that the clog is likely somewhere in the drain line just below the fixture. Read More»